Final Day at the Thruxton Cup

October 15th, 2014 by

My 4th place finish on Saturday netted a better starting position on the grid for Sunday’s main event. When the grid was finally set, I was starting from the 3rd row. The grid is set up with 4 riders on each row so there were a total of 6 to house the 24 entries.

As we got into lapped traffic, I lost sight of the 1st and 2nd place bikes and settled into a rhythm that apparently was a little too relaxed and another rider came by me on the 5th lap to claim my 3rd place spot. He passed me on the front straight and when I turned into Turn 1 behind him, I found myself a touch wide and ran onto the curbing on the exit of the turn. From there it was all grass off the side of the track but I was able to stay up and bring the bike back onto the tarmac in time to crank into Turn 2. I had to drop my pace slightly as I didn’t want to try full lean angle after having run the tires throughout the wet grass until I had a corner or two to scrub them clean again.

As soon as we got to Turn 3, it was gas back on and I worked to get my spot on the podium back. My break came when I drafted him down the front straight and popped out at the last second to split around and dive into Turn 1 with less than a foot to spare between us. I never saw this rider again. A lap later, the race was red-flagged. A red flag is the most grave and indicates an instant end to the race as there has been an incident on the track that cannot be immediately cleared. As it turns out, two riders got together entering a corner and hit the ground fairly hard separating Sarah’s shoulder. Yes that’s right, Sarah is a bad ass Thruxton racer. She even joined the party after the race to celebrate a fun weekend of racing with the whole gang.

A great weekend of motorcycle racing was had by all and I can’t wait for a rematch in Florida this weekend.

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