Hina Chow, Manager Lez Zeppelin

June 5th, 2019 by
When I was a child, everything that was “Adult” excited me! I remember pretending my lunchbox was my attache like my Father would carry to and from work and that my desk at school was a desk in an office that I was president of!   When I got my first bicycle,  I had arrived!   I was no longer watching the movie, I was in it!   Far away places became a reality.   Peddling all over, being a daredevil with a few other adventurous dim-witted peers, it was magical.  Then my driver’s permit and eventually my license became paramount.  That was also wonderful;  for a short time until the cunning dream of Adulthood slowly creeped in and I was back to watching the movie from behind a wheel .
Why I ride returns me to the excitement of two handlebars,  wind in my face, discovery of places , otherwise ignored or unseen.  I am back to starring in my movie.
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