Rock ‘n’ Roll

July 30th, 2016 by

Kurt Ottaway

Recently our daughter traveled to the University of Michigan to attend an Entrepreneurial program. For twelve days the kids had to develop a product, create budgets, and formulate a plan on how to bring that product to the marketplace. Here she was, a kid who has grown up in a family business surrounded by kids whose parents worked in high power corporate jobs. Penn soon realized that the problems surrounding a small motorcycle dealership were much different than those that complicated the lives of Amazon executives. Although we have our fair share of problems, I don’t think any of us would trade our Erico family for corporate America. You see, we are more than a business, we are a family. A family that has gone through alot together -— weddings, babies, injuries, graduations, and everything in between. Last night, once again, I was reminded of what a special group of people we work with. At about 11 p.m. John and I scootered down to the Skylark Lounge to listen to Emerald Siam. The lead singer for this band also works at Erico as a Sales Person — Kurt Ottaway. Kurt has been a fixture in the Denver music scene for more years that he probably cares to admit. As we walked in the door, we were greeting by several people who work at Erico as well as some customers who had come out to support Kurt. But even more impressive than Kurt’s music, was his choice to mentor the youngest member of Team Erico, Cooper Dickerson. Cooper is in High School and can be found working at Erico on Saturdays cleaning bikes, mopping floors and whatever other job we give him. Cooper is an incredible young musician, and last night Kurt had him join his band for a few songs on stage. Yes, that is what families do. They support their little brothers and encourage them to follow their passion. Both Kurt and Cooper made us proud. I don’t think any of us would ever trade in our jeans for a sport coat and tie because we really do love what we do and the people we do it with. Long live Rock n Roll, Motorcycles and Team Erico Motorsports.

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