Best Denver Tattoo Shops & Top Tattoo Artists

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At Erico Motorsports, we know tattoo parlors in Denver have become a frequent haunt for all types of folks, from weekend warriors to members of Denver riding clubs, not to mention non-riders! So what are the best tattoo shops in Denver, and where can you find the best tattoo artists in Denver? Don’t settle for less when you can have the best in tattoo art at any of the following tattoo places in Denver.

Ritual Tattoo Gallery

Ritual Tattoo Gallery is one of the top tattoo shops in Denver with exceptionally high ratings. The staff is friendly, the atmosphere is down-to-earth, and if you call for a short-notice appointment, they’ll do their best to squeeze you in.

Location: 4241 Jason Street, Denver, CO 80211


Phone Number: (303) 455-1558

Tattoo Artists of Note:

  • Sandi Calistro – Co-owner of Ritual Tattoo Gallery, Sandi Calistro is one of the most famous and talented tattoo artists in Denver, bringing unique designs and incredible line work with a fun and feminine twist.
  • Billy Crandall – The other co-owner of Ritual Tattoo Gallery, Billy Crandall can do it all, from the realistic to the abstract and beyond.
  • Rochelle Marion – From animals and plants to hearts and flowers, Rochelle Marion’s hyperrealist designs are incredible to see.

Certified Tattoo Studios

On their website, Certified Tattoo Studios calls art “our culture.” Whether you want a small, understated piece or a full back piece, Certified Tattoo Studios will work to give you the best possible version of what you’ve envisioned.

Location: 120 South Broadway, Denver, CO 80209 (one of three locations)


Phone Number: (720) 366-6925

Tattoo Artists of Note:

  • Graham Niles – Bringing an inspired level of creativity and incredibly intricate detail, Graham Niles’ designs stick out from the crowd.
  • Salvador Diaz – If you’re looking for high-quality portrait work, Salvador is arguably the best in greater Denver.

End of Days (EOD) Tattoo

Looking for a tattoo with vibrant colors or surreal scenery? End of Days Tattoo is the place to go. You’ll find some of the best Denver tattoo artists who welcome tattoo enthusiasts and first-timers alike.

Location: 2024 East Colfax Avenue, Denver, CO 80206


Phone Number: (303) 333-4880

Tattoo Artists of Note:

  • Chris Evans – Bringing a surreal vibe to the Denver tattoo scene, Evans has a degree in industrial design and is a great addition to the Denver tattoo world.
  • Jonathan Love – The dreamlike creations of Jonathan Love are the start of many conversations, while his unique black dotting technique is on point.
  • Frank “Wolfman” Speaker – A benchmark of the Denver tattoo scene for 30 years, Wolfman is a self-taught master who’s known for his brightly-colored nature scenes.

Let Erico Motorsports Help You Find the Right Tattoo Artist & Shop

In addition to helping you find the best tattoo parlors in Denver, the team at Erico Motorsports is here to help you find more fun things to do near Westminister and the surrounding areas. So hop on your bike, and head down to see us, or contact us for more local recommendations, such as where to go for live music in Denver or motorcycle road trips from Denver! Love music? Check out our recommendations for the best songs to listen to while cruising on your bike!

Banner image above courtesy of Certified Tattoo Studios

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